Privacy Policy of the "Shape of the World" website

GDPR - General Regulation of Data Protection

The new GDPR, effective 25 May 2018, has a significant impact on the way each company and organization processes the personal data of European citizens.

The protection and preservation of the privacy of your data collected through the contact form is used only and exclusively so that we can contact the client in order to clarify questions or requests on the part of the client. We undertake to protect and respect the privacy of all our customers and visitors, ensuring the confidentiality of your data and treating them solely for the purpose for which they were collected. The processing of data by us is limited to the minimum necessary and in full compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, including GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations.

In our Privacy Policy we intend to inform you in a clear, transparent and objective manner of what personal data we collect, the purpose for which they are collected, how they are treated, who has access to your personal data, for how long these are maintained and how you can exercise your rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

This privacy policy applies to the treatment of data collected through the form of our website within the scope of electronic communications that are established with questions and doubts regarding our services.

Compliance with the GDPR

The processing of personal data carried out by Shape of the World is carried out in accordance with best data security practices and in compliance with Regulation 2016/679 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to to the processing of your Personal Data and to the free movement of data, better known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Processing Manager

With respect to the personal data that are collected through the Shape of the World website, our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the address

Personal data

Personal Information is considered to be any information relating to a natural person that may in any way permit its identification, namely the Name, Identification Number, Location, Electronic Identity, among others. Personal data that is collected through our website are: full name, email e mobile phone.


It occurs when the data processing is obtained through your consent, and this authorization is freely obtained by providing specific information specific to the treatment with which this data collection is made.

Contract Execution

The data collection is necessary so that it is possible to make a later contact when the user contacts us through the form of our website.

Legitimate Interest

When the processing of personal data is carried out for situations related to business activities that, although not necessarily justified by a legal obligation or contractual clause, can be justified on grounds of legitimate interest.

Rights of Individuals

The General Regulation on Data Protection guarantees a set of rights to the holders of personal data, including:

Right of Access

The right to access, at any time and without delay, the data you have provided us in connection with the registration of your customer card or in the use of the services subscribed and the purpose of such processing.

Right of Rectification

Right to make and/or request the rectification of your personal data that is incorrect or to complete the data of your client's file that are incomplete, such as the name, address, e-mail address, taxpayer number and telephone contacts

Right to Forgetfulness

The right to request the deletion of your personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was initially collected and when there are no situations in which its conservation is fundamental, such as the exercise of a contractual relationship or the conservation to fulfill a legal obligation.

Right to Portability

Right to obtain a digital copy of the data you have provided us in a structured, self-reading format that allows you to easily transfer, copy or transmit the personal data of a service to another entity.

Right to Opposition

Right to object to treatment or to withdraw consent to treatment for a particular purpose where the basis of the processing of personal data has been your consent, such as the cancellation of a newsletter subscription.

Right to Limitation

Right to request the suspension of data processing or limitation of the processing of your personal data to a specific purpose.

Right to Opposition to Automated Treatment

Right to object to data processing for automatic definition of customer profiles based on your preferences and service usage data.

As a client you can exercise your rights through the contacts in the "Data Processing Officer" section of this Privacy Policy.

Transmission of Data to Subcontractors

Shape of the World uses the data collected through its website only for internal use, there being no shared and user data exchanges with other entities.

Purpose of Data Processing

In general, the personal data collected are intended for further contact of Shape of the World with people who contact us through our website in order to clarify them about questions or issues related to our products. We try to limit where possible the personal information that is necessary so that we can later establish contact with the people who ask us questions.

Data collection

Personal data is usually collected electronically through our website on the contact page so that we can later establish contacts with the people who contact us through this medium.

Term of Preservation of Personal Data

Shape of the World keeps your personal data only for the period necessary to perform the processing of the data for the purpose for which it was initially collected, which may, in certain situations and depending on the legal basis of the data collection, be eliminated or anonymised if client to exercise his right to opposition, right to forget or withdraw his consent to the treatment of that specific purpose. If there is no legal obligation requiring the data to be retained for a certain period, they shall be treated in accordance with the law only for the period necessary to carry out the purpose for which they were originally collected, following the guidelines and decisions of the National Commission of Data Protection.